PowerMaps Benefit ...

Executives, who need to see the big picture and get teams to execute better.

CxOs, who must invest right for a Digital Transformation.
PowerMaps increase your Situational Awareness and the organisation's Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ).

Situational Awareness
Seeing all controllable assets in your landscape
Understanding how they interact with one another
Anticipating how they'll change and what you can do
Maps Enable Situational Awareness
Throughout history, understanding and exploiting the landscape has been vital in the competitive battle with others. The most famous example is of the Athenian general, Themistocles, who forced an army of 300,000 Persians along a narrow coastal pass at Thermopylae where 7,000 Greeks (and 300 Spartans) were able to delay them long enough for the rest of the Greek army to mobilise and eventually defeat the invaders.

Modern organisations are also engaged in a competitive battle for scarce resources (customers, capital, talent) but rarely have anything that looks like a Map of their landscape. This means they act blindly — like making chess moves without being able to see the board — responding to events more in hope, rather than having the strategic ability to shape the situation to their benefit.

Athenian politician and general
(524–459 BC)

The PowerMaps approach — based on Sun Tzu's Strategy Cycle ('The Art of War') — helps create situational awareness through mapping your landscape and utilising methods for anticipating change (rather than just reacting to it):
  • Purpose: What do you want to achieve?
  • Landscape: Where are you competing? (PowerMaps)
  • Climate: How will your landscape change? (30+ rules of the game)

The result is that a better understanding of your strategic options for action.
Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ)
Once you have Situational Awareness you can focus on improving your organisation's Adaptivity Intelligence, (AQ): the speed and effectiveness at which it can respond to external change (i.e. from the market) or internal change (e.g. from a new strategy).

PowerMaps draw on 40 universally-useful principles that 'next generation' Silicon Valley firms use to out-compete rivals in digital markets. However, many 'traditional' organisations today still ignore these principles despite them being significantly easier and cheaper to implement than typical, consultancy-led transformations.

The PowerMaps AQ proposition is simple: carefully phased sessions and support over a flexible period that enables your organisation to embed these core principles and better able to respond to change — as well as preparing you to develop context-specific strategies that will help you win a competitive game against any rivals.

AQ fulfils the Doctrine stage on Sun Tzu's Strategy Cycle: enhancing the ability of your forces to successfully implement the moves you want to make:

  • Doctrine: How well are you prepared for this? (40+ universal principles)
  • Leadership: Why make this move and not another?
    As you loop around the Strategy Cycle you'll discover market opportunities and competitor weaknesses you can exploit, as well as strengthening your own defences against threats you can see and anticipate more clearly now.
    He who can handle the quickest rate of change survives.
    Col. John Boyd