Enhance Organisational Culture
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) matter in individuals. Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ — how responsive organisations are to change) matters at the whole-of-organisation level. With dozens of simple-to-adopt, universally-useful principles, your organisation can quickly gain a competitive advantage over rivals who continue to be too slow to adapt to change.
Adaptivity Intelligence (AQ)
'Next generation' organisations have doctrines (a way of doing things) that create high adaptivity intelligence (AQ) — an ability to adapt easily to changes.
Mapping doctrine contains more than 40 universally-useful principles that traditional organisations can adopt, in structured phases, to raise their own AQ:
Organisations with High-AQ:
  1. Focus rigorously on user needs (rather than chasing the latest technology)
  2. Overcome inertia to change (rather than blaming culture for failure)
  3. Remove legacy IT (rather than ignoring the effects of its toxicity)
  4. Use appropriate methods (rather than always adopting the latest fad)
  5. Have right people in right places (rather than hiring superstars to fix everything).