Choosing Your Future Direction?

Start With a Map.
Many organisations are trying to harness the power of 'digital' to meet tomorrow's challenges. This requires a deep understanding of business and technology landscapes, awareness of how they're changing and answers to two fundamental questions: where are you going to focus and why there?

This is why an increasing number of Western organisations are using Maps to see these landscapes more clearly, challenge assumptions earlier (to learn faster) and communicate their strategic intent better (so teams implement more effectively).

It's time for Russian organisations to do this also.

Mapping is an antidote to the tyranny of Agile and allows you to put focus into the right technology projects.
Liam Maxwell
Director, Government Transformation.
Amazon Web Services.

PowerMaps are a method of visualising people's assumptions
about a competitive space, so others can challenge them.

PowerMaps force people to think about who the users are, what their needs are and what components are needed to satisfy those needs.

Despite this sounding like 'bread and butter' for organisations it's surprising how few appear to be getting these basics right.
PowerMaps are based on Wardley Maps (cc 3.0)
Select International Organisations Using Maps
Annual cost savings of £339 million

UN using Maps for their Digital Transformation

How teams in Amazon use Maps

Captured 70% market share in 18 months

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