Change has never happened this fast before, but will never be this slow again

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Organisations are trying to harness the power of IT to meet today's challenges. This requires a strategy based on a deep understanding of the business and technology landscapes, awareness of how they're changing, and a clear plan of action answering two fundamental questions: where are you focusing and why there?

As 'Agile' fails to deliver the transformation many organisations expected, hopes turn to a 'Digital Transformation'. But without a clear understanding of context organisations risk investing huge amounts of resources for little return.

In the West, an increasing number of organisations are using Maps to learn about changing landscapes, communicate strategic intent, and challenge assumptions so they learn faster and act better. It's time for Russian organisations to do this also.

Mapping is an antidote to the tyranny of Agile and allows you to put focus into the right technology projects
Liam Maxwell, Director.
Government Transformation at Amazon Web Services
Select Organisations Successfully Deploying Maps Internationally
Captured 70% market share in 18 months
Annual cost savings of £339 million
Build 'elastic teams' to outcompete rivals
How teams in Amazon use Maps
PowerMaps are based on Wardley Maps (creative commons 3.0)
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