The PowerMaps Method
With PowerMaps you quickly create a visual representation of your landscape (showing target users, their needs, and how you create value by satisfying those).

In this simplified example the user (an organisation) has needs (attract customers), which the Marketing Department is responsible for. This is your value chain:
Next, you identify how evolved all these activities or practices are in your market — from highly uncertain (on the left) to the completely certain on the right:
Now you can start to do all sorts of things….. invite others to challenge assumptions, anticipate possible futures, explore the impact of changes on the industry, and plan how to exploit opportunities with attacking moves or defend against possible threats.

For example, there's an assumption here that copywriting can be done by AI. But anyone who knows about AI would challenge this as AI currently lacks a capacity for creative work. The insight is quickly learned so attention can now shift to other areas:
Mapping has been used for everything from nation state to industry competition, from systems to even people … and this is without even mentioning economic cycles, weak signal analysis, comparison of doctrine, or organisational structure yet.

Mapping touches on everything from finance to strategy, operation to HR and marketing … it covers a vast — and usually unexplored — landscape.