Improve Operational Effectiveness
Should you 'go Agile'? Should you use Lean? Should you outsource and, if so, what? The reality is that there is no single universal method that's right for every organisation, as every context is unique. PowerMaps help you decide these difficult choices quickly and effectively
Here is where Mapping starts to get really interesting …

Let's take one path:

There are over 40 universally-useful principles that constitute the Doctrine of an organisation with high-AQ (adaptivity intelligence).

Let's look at one principle (use appropriate methods):
A PowerMap of your landscape shows us where these methods are (and not) appropriate:

Now, let's say you have a systems diagram and want to decide which method(s) you should use. You could decide to outsource everything:

You could also decide to build it with off the shelf products:

Or, you could decide to use other methods like Agile and do it everywhere:

But known economic (climate) patterns suggest that 'no single method fits all' (e.g. think of the dangers of trying to 'agile' your electricity supply, or outsourcing your customer relationships):

So, now you try to work out which combination of methods will work best for your systems diagram. Unfortunately, there are over 300 million (!) permutations:

However, if you put this information into a PowerMap it reveals the context (level of certainty about components) so you quickly see which methods are appropriate where:

You can also explain where single methods will fail and why, ahead of time (i.e. uncertain components on the left will fail and incur penalties due to changing specifications):

You can even present your insights back to others in formats they are more comfortable with, with your predictions (backed up with PowerMaps) to show where failure will happen: